On Dec 31, 2022 Pearls By Laurel permanently closed its business. We will be honoring warranties, repairs, returns, and exchanges through March 31, 2023. Click here for more details

In early 2021, Swarovski informed us they were discontinuing their reseller program, which allowed us to purchase Crystal Pearls and incorporate them into our jewelry. We tried in vain to find an alternate supply of these pearls, but no alternate manufacturer was able to meet our quality and color standards. Sadly, after having exhausted our existing supply of inventory of Swarovski Pearls, we are no longer able to create and sell our Mother’s Birthstone jewelry.

To all our customers—thank you for your business! We sincerely apologize to those wishing to add additional birthstones or needing warranty repairs at some future date—which will no longer be possible. Our hope is that you will be able to enjoy your jewelry for many years to come, despite the reduced warranty and support. Furthermore, if we’re able to source Crystal Pearls at some point in the future, we will reopen our warranty/repair and birthstone-addition programs.