We rely upon 3rd-party shipping partners, such as USPS and FedEx to deliver our packages. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not meet their commitments. If you are experiencing an issue with your shipment, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. But also rest assured that we will work to get this resolved quickly and painlessly for you.

Late Shipments

Late shipments can occur when a package is either accidentally misrouted or delayed due to a weather, mechanical issues, or human error. In general, the best course of action is to be patient and wait for further updates. In most cases, shipping delays are quickly resolved and will only add 1-3 days to the final delivery of your package. If your shipment is delayed more than 5 days beyond the original estimate, please contact us. We may be able to provide further assistance.

Lost Shipments

In general, USPS provides reliable delivery. However, in rare cases a package may be lost or misplaced. These cases fall into two categories:

Lost In Transit: Sometimes a shipment will show several initial tracking scans but then no further updates. Most often, this is the result of a smudged or torn barcode and the package will still be delivered on time. In very rare cases, a shipment may be permanently misplaced or detroyed. However, this occurs in fewer than 1/3,000 shipments. If your shipment has not shown tracking updates for more than 5 days, please contact us.

Misdelivered/Stolen: Sometimes a shipment's tracking information will show a delivery, but the package cannot be located. Most often, this is the result of a misdelivery to a neighbor. If your package has gone missing, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact your local USPS post office (not the phone number listed on You can find your local post office and phone number using Google Maps.
  2. Provide your tracking number and tell them that your package is missing.
  3. Await further instructions. Typically, the post office will open an investigation and speak with your local mail carrier. This process can take 24-48 hours.

Please wait to hear back from your local post office before contacting us, as there is nothing we will be able to do until their investigation is finalized. In most cases, if a package is permanently lost we can replace it at no charge. However, most packages are located withint 24-48 hours.

My shipment is late. Am I entitled to a refund?
USPS Express is covered by a deadline-based, money-back guarantee. All other services (e.g. USPS First Class, USPS Priority) are estimated and subject to unforeseen delays, such as weather, mechanical, or human error. We provide several shipping options with different speed and delivery commitments so that you may choose the service that best fits your needs.

My shipment is late. Should I contact USPS?
Unfortunately, USPS has very unsophisticated tracking systems. If you call the main USPS phone number, the operator will have no further information than what you yourself can see on the tracking updates. Predictably, they will not be able to provide much help. Instead, please allow several days for the delay to work itself out. If no tracking updates are showing after 5 days, please contact us and we can either send a replacement shipment or open a ticket through USPS to locate the original shipment.