Take the guesswork out of gifting! Our gift cards are sent via email for speed and convenience!

Already have a gift card? View your gift card balance.

1. Enter an amount:
2. Enter sender's name:
3. Enter recipient's name:
4. Enter recipient's email address:
5. Add a personalized message (optional):
6. Set a delivery date:

How does it work?
On the requested delivery date, we will email the recipient a unique code that they can redeem for store credit.

Will the gift card value expire?
No. There is no expiration. Redeem at any time!

Will I receive a confirmation?
Yes. You will receive a copy of the email sent to the recipient.

How are balances handled?
Balances are carried over and can be applied to future purchases.

When is the gift card delivered?
Gift cards are delivered via email at 7am EST on the chosen date. If you choose today's date, we will email the gift card immediately.